Modern Farmhouse Soap Dispenser

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Simple Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Offers Effortless Style

You like things simple, uncluttered and clean that's why you'll love this soap dispenser.  There's nothing pretentious about it, just a sturdy, hard-working clear glass soap dispenser. And it's the perfect size for your busy life. Holding 13.5 Fl. ounces, it will save you time and mess because you won't have to fill it as often. Don't wait! Order yours now!

Modern Bathroom Accessories

  • Sturdy, simple, hard-working liquid soap dispenser.
  • Large size is perfect for your busy life because you won't spend as much time or mess filling it. Leaving you more time for things you enjoy. Like shopping!
  • Works equally well in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Holds 13.5 Fl. oz. Measures 6 inches high & is 3 inches across not including the pump.
  • The pump comes in several styles and finishes to coordinate with your kitchen or bathroom accessories. Make your choice in the drop-down menu. See photos for choices.
  • Eco-friendly made with 50% recycled glass. 
  • Because of the long unlined metal spout, your pump may need periodic cleaning. A toothpick works great for this.
  • Need a smaller size? See our  8 oz soap dispenser here 


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Processing time is 1-3 business days. If ordering with a soap dispenser that has a label please allow 3-5 business days for processing.  Shipping times vary with different shipping options.  You can choose shipping option during checkout.  


Due to the nature of recycled glass, there may be color variations or other small blemishes in the glass.

None of the soap pumps are foaming pumps. Even though Stainless 4 looks like our foaming pump, it's not a foamer.

The pumps are made with raw metal. The copper, brass and bronze pumps may oxidize when exposed to certain elements and/or chemicals in some water and/or soap.

Because of the long unlined metal spout, your pump may need periodic cleaning. A toothpick works great for this.

Due to different monitors and settings the actual color may vary from the pictures shown.

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